" I wish there were a million stars for modern pet!

Israel has been walking my two little gremlins for a few months now, and they love him!  And my husband and I love him.

This is an embarrassing, but true story.  My husband and I were leaving for Prague 6:30 pm flight on Friday. I forgot my passport!!  Israel went to our house, found my passport, took the "L" to O'Hare, and saved the day.  Moreover all he asked in return was a good deed in his name in Prague (I know- amazing).

If you need help with your pets, and really your life call modern pet - yesterday!!  5 stars"

Erin G. via Yelp  May 27, 2011

"Kris and Israel have been taking care of my pugs for nine years.  Along the way, they've taken care of more than a dozen foster dogs for me as well as our third permanent addition to the family.  The dogs love them so much, they bark at me more than they bark at Kris!  I have saved the daily notes for the past nine years and it's fun to look back and see how the walks went.  I also rely on them for overnights when the dogs can't travel with us.  I trust them immensely and know that they truly truly love my dogs."

Ilene Siemer via LinkedIn  July 2, 2010

"I have been using Kris and Israel for four years for my two dogs and two cats and could not be happier.  They are so accommodating and most importantly, my dogs flip for them.  I actually think my dogs would rather live with them.  :)  5 stars"

Kristen S. via Yelp  August 31, 2011

"Israel has walked my dog Conrad daily for 7 years and I don't know what I would have done without him!  Conrad loves him, he is completely reliable and trustworthy, he truly cares about the pets he takes care of, and he is dedicated to providing the best service possible for his clients.  He has also taken care of Conrad last minute when I have to leave town, and gone out of his way to help with additional walks at odd hours and in emergency situations.  I would not recommend any other pet sitting service!"

Laura Garcia via LinkedIn  June 28, 2010

 "I have trusted my pets with Israel and Kris at Modern Pet beginning in 1998 when they provided daily walks and care for my dog with health problems.  I have since hired them to walk and take care of my 2 other dogs, and could not recommend them more strongly.  They've been consistently reliable for last-minute requests, and have helped administer medicine, walks at a particular time, even housesit with the utmost of professionalism and reliability.  When I see my dogs react by running in circles and barking loudly just by seeing Israel or Kris through the front window out of excitement, I know they've really earned their well-deserved place in our little family.  I will always love you guys for the service you've provided to my doggie family!"

Michele Shear via LinkedIn  June 15, 2010

"I don't know what we would have done without Kris and Israel!! They have been walking our two pugs for about 4 years now and words can't express our gratitude.  They are reasonably priced and the walking groups are relatively small.

Our dog Mac is older and sometimes doesn't want to move around as much but the other dogs can be motivating our little guy.  By the end of some of the walks though Kris will end up carrying my fat little pug!  They also leave the best notes summarizing the walks and we have enjoyed reading them.

We also order our dog food from them.  It's well priced and it saves us a trip to the pet store!  :-)  5 stars"

Leticia L. via Yelp  July 8, 2010

" Israel genuinely loves each and every dog he meets, and it shows.  He knows what makes a dog tick, and he spends the time and energy to keep them happy.  Israel can handle rain, snow, heat, and wind, and still be smiling.  He was always the first choice for me when I needed a dog walker."

Peter Kuehnel via LinkedIn  June 15, 2010

" Israel and Kris at Modern Pet are truly the best Dog Walkers a mother of a rather stubborn bulldog could ask for.  Not only are they good with animals of all kinds, but they are extraordinarily dependable and trustworthy.  We are honored to be their clients and cannot recommend them more highly!"

Lisa Key via LinkedIn  June 14,2010

"Israel has watched Kaiser over the past ten years and I would not leave him with anyone else.  Israel is a professional who is detail oriented, truly loves animals, and makes sure their needs are always met. Kaiser just loves him as well which is of course the best recommendation of all!"

Dagmar Ladle, via LinkedIn  June 14, 2010

"Israel and Kris of Modern Pet Care have been the sole caregivers of my most beloved creatures, Don Juan kitty and Mika puppy, for almost 10 years.  I never have to worry about them in his charge.  Israel provides quality care to my pets and provides great customer service to me!"

Tonya Gross, via LinkedIn  June 14, 2010

"I have been working with Kris and Israel for more than five years.  I couldn't trust them more -- and they could not be nicer people!  5 stars"

RJ E, via Yelp  April 9, 2011

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